National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. Chicago Chapter​​
"Lifting As We Climb"

The National Association of Black Accountants represents the largest pool of African-Americans in accounting and finance in the nation. NABA members work at various management and expertise levels across the broad spectrum of accounting and finance specialties. These include controllers, consultants, cost accountants, chief financial officers, directors of finance, financial analysts, internal and external auditors, payroll managers and tax accountants, to name a few. As entry-level staff, senior executives, and entrepreneurs, NABA members represent the driving force behind many corporate, governmental and educational institutions.

NABA's success is its ability to develop and encourage professional potential and growth of our members.  "Lifting As We Climb" is our motto and standard. The Association assists its members in realizing their personal, professional and economic potential through a combination of professional and personal education, leadership training, and access to professional and social networks. We are also recruiting and developing a new pool of professionals with our accounting awareness programs for high schoolers and our student membership for college and university attendees interested in the financial profession.

Membership in, and affiliation with, our association will give you a direct link to today's and tomorrow's business leaders, as well as access to opportunities for growth.

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